Team Westmount

Here at Westmount Dental Surgery we pride ourselves of establishing a world-class team to ensure the service we provide to each of our patients is of five star quality. We continually provide in house training for all our staff members to increase both their knowledge and ultimately improve your experience. Our dentists can provide several different treatments and are happy to discuss and offer all options to you. Our dental nurses are highly trained in all aspects of dentistry and are committed to providing the highest standard of patient care. And our management and patient communication team ensure that every aspect of your visit is to the highest standard possible.

Our Dentists

Our Management Team

Itrat Iqbal



Kath White

Clinic Manager

High Barnes

(GDC 157066)

Mary Tudor

Clinic Manager


(GDC 143503)

Bas Iqbal



Our Hygiene, Therapy and Dental Technician Team

Charlotte Brennan

Dental Hygienist

(GDC 102885)

Chris Forrest

Dental Hygienist

(GDC 244311)

Rachel Davison

Dental Therapist

(GDC 114263)

Michelle Murrie

Dental Therapist

(GDC 179495)

Patrick Graham

Dental Technician

(GDC 121660)

Our Nursing Team

Samantha Lambton

Dental Nurse

(GDC 263513)

Laura Simpson

Dental Nurse

(GDC: 248070 )

Kara Bell

Dental Nurse

(GDC 268551)

Toni Akkurt

Dental Nurse

(GDC 117936)

Courtney Ellis

Dental Nurse

(GDC 268675)

Bethany Pucci

Trainee Dental Nurse

Jade Moon

Trainee Dental Nurse

Abigail Smith

Trainee Dental Nurse

Shauna Worthy

Trainee Dental Nurse

Our Patient Communications Team

Lauren Bushell

Lead Receptionist

Kelly Adamson


Becky Moon


Hazel Clark


Abigail Malloy

Patient Coordinator