Your Consultation

Tailoring Our Treatments For Your Needs

The consultation process is designed to identify and take care of the needs of the individual client. From the first meeting to the conclusion of treatment we are committed to delivering a bespoke service. We believe that this system is appropriate as we are able to provide all the necessary information, so clients can make an informed decision about their treatment. The initial consultation is free and you are not obliged to go through with treatment.

Treatment co-ordinator

We provide clients with all the details they need to construct an informed decision about their treatment. Our treatment co-ordinator will discuss different treatment options, explain how they work and answer questions about the services we offer. The treatment co-ordinator provides information on cosmetic services and dental implants based on the client’s needs and preferences. They also aim to ascertain what the client wants and provide relevant information and guidance.

Clients are invited to fill in a patient questionnaire to form the basis of the discussions during the consultation. The treatment co-ordinator will run through treatment options, relevant costs and payment options and treatment timescales. They will then take photographs of the patient’s smile and all the information will be forwarded to the dentist for the next appointment. If you would prefer a more detailed consultation then this can be arranged for a small fee.

Diagnostic Consultation and Treatment Planning

This will be the first appointment where you meet the dentist and lasts around 30 minutes. Your dentist will have received the information taken at the initial consultation, which they will use to carry out relevant diagnostic tests and discuss your treatment expectations.

This appointment will include:

  • Full medical history check
  • Full facial and extra-oral examination including muscle palpation
  • Full intra oral soft tissue examination
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Complete examination of hard tissues such as teeth and bone
  • Full periodontal examination of gums and oral hygiene review
  • Digital radiographs
  • Digital photographs
  • Full bite records and occlusal scheme analysis

After gathering all these records and carrying out the special investigations, the dentist will be able to advise you according of treatment options available to you and recommend certain treatments also.

Written Treatment Plan and Consent Form

If you choose to go ahead with the treatment following the second appointment, then a written treatment plan and consent form must be thoroughly read and signed. This is a bespoke document provided which will go through everything that was said at your consultation appointment. It will also go through all the advantages and disadvantages of treatment options and also mention any specific risks in your case.

Since this document is provided specifically for you as a personalised plan, it is a very time consuming process and requires the dentist to spend several hours completing this. We therefore charge £100 for this treatment plan which is payable before it is written. If you decide to proceed with the treatment, then this fee is refunded or taken off the final bill. If not, then there is no refund for this document.

We endeavour to meet and even exceed client expectations and will never compromise on patient care or the health and safety of our patients.