Our Fee Guide

Here is a guide to our fixed and transparent fees. You will find that prices for dental treatment can vary from practice to practice. Rest assured that our fees reflect the exceptional quality and care and service you will receive with us and represent an excellent long term investment in your dental health. If you have any questions about our fees or wish to find out more about our finance plans, please book a free consultation by clicking this link here.

Consultations & Assessments

Treatment Treatment Fees
Smile Consultation £0
Facial Aesthetic Assessment £0
Teeth Whitening Assessment £25
Teeth Straightening Assessment £100
Smile Design Assessment £100
Dental Implant Assessment £100

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Treatment Treatment Fees
Small Composite Filling £94
Medium Composite Filling £123
Large Composite Filling £145
Anterior Composite Edge Bonding £175
Composite Veneer £265
Porcelain Veneer / Crown / Bridge £583
Elite Veneer / Crown / Bridge £650

Teeth Straightening Treatments

Treatment Treatment Fees
Invisalign Go Single Arch Clear Brace £2250
Invisalign Go Dual Arch Clear Brace £2995
Invisalign Full Clear Brace £3995
Quick Straight Teeth Single Arch Brace £2250
Quick Straight Teeth Dual Arch Brace £2995
Removable Retainer Single / Dual £100 / £200
Fixed Retainer Single / Dual £100 / £200
Vivera Retainer Single / Dual £150 / £250

Teeth Whitening / Brightening Treatments

Treatment Treatment Fees
Cosmetic Stain Removal / Air Abrasion £75
Boutique Teeth Whitening £350
Enlighten Whitening £600

Dental Implant Treatments

Treatment Treatment Fees
Single Dental Implant + Crown £2650
Implant Retained Denture Lower Arch £4995
Implant Retained Denture Upper Arch TBC
Full Mouth Implants / All On 4 £15995

Facial Aesthetics / Skin & Lip Treatments

Treatment Treatment Fees
Lip Filler TBC
Jaw Filler TBC
Nasal Labial Folds Filler TBC
Marienette Lines Filler TBC
Collagen Injection Treatment TBC
Botox - per area TBC
Chemical Peel TBC
Fat Loss Injections TBC
Skin Lightening TBC
Hair Removal TBC
Tattoo Removal TBC

General Private Dentistry

Treatment Treatment Fees
New Patient Examination £75
Routine Examination £40
Tooth Extraction £90
Root Canal Therapy £160
Night Guard/NTI Appliance £200
Dental Hygiene Treatment £50 / £100
Routine Hygiene Management £50
Periodontal Treatment £100
Gold Inlay £380
Full Acrylic Denture £500 - £1250

NHS Dental Services

Treatment Treatment Fees
Band 1 NHS Patient £22.70
Band 2 NHS Patient £62.10
Band 3 NHS Patient £269.30
Band 4 NHS Patient £22.70

Smile Design

Treatment Treatment Fees
Anterior Composite Bonding £150 per tooth
Boutique Teeth Whitening £350
Enlighten Whitening £600
Emax Veneers/Crowns/Bridges per unit £525
Lumineers/MAC Veneers per unit £750