Tooth Fairy Can Promote Good Dental Health

September 16th, 2019

Tooth Fairy Can Promote Good Dental HealthThe legend of the Tooth Fairy is well known to parents and fostering parents and particularly to children who look forward to a small reward every time a baby tooth falls out. Usually, a small sum of money is placed under the child’s pillow although a small treat can be substituted for cash and will be just as warmly welcomed.

Taking the tradition a step further, the Tooth Fairy can also be used to promote good dental care in children. This can be achieved by establishing a bond between the tooth fairy and the child via personal notes and reminders. These personal letters can:

–   Praise the cleanliness of teeth

–   Remind the child to brush and floss properly

–   Encourage visits to the fairy’s good friend, the dentist

Letter writing can work both ways and the child can be encouraged to write back to the fairy if he or she has any dental concerns such as being afraid of the dentist. Teaching children how to brush and floss regularly can be difficult but the task can be made easier with an occasional encouraging letter from the tooth fairy praising the excellent work being done. 

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