Why You Should Undergo Deep Dental Cleaning

October 1st, 2019

Undergo Deep Dental CleaningProfessional dental cleanings aren’t just for keeping our smiles bright. They have a greater significance in our general health and should be taken more seriously. Here are three good reasons why you should schedule a cleaning with your dentist.

Early detection of diseases

During a deep dental cleaning, it’s easier for a dentist to detect early symptoms of gum disease, oral cancer or any other illness. Gum disease has been linked to tooth loss and cardiovascular disease while oral cancer continues to kill more people every day. Your dentist can diagnose these illnesses early and start treatment immediately.

Identifying dental problems

A deep cleaning may be the right moment to get your fillings checked for fractures. Broken fillings, implants or dentures may lead to tooth decay. You can also use this opportunity to express any discomfort caused by your tooth restoration. 

Fresher teeth

During a deep dental cleaning, your dentist will remove the plaque, tartar and stains on your teeth. This leaves you with a brighter smile. 

Avoid bleaching your teeth at home as it may cause more problems. Instead, use whitening toothpaste while waiting for your dental appointment.