Westmount Dental take all patient concerns and feedback very seriously and this is why we have a dedicated process on our website to allow for this.

We always want to hear from our patients about what we are doing and how we can get better. Hopefully your comments, ideas and suggestions will allow us to see what’s working well currently and how we can improve our services to you.


Patient satisfaction is our key priority and we aim to strive to provide high standards of care. We want to know if you have had exceptional service and you can guarantee we will feed this back to our teams.

Raising a Complaint

While we aim to deliver an exceptional patient experience, we understand from time to time you may need to raise a concern to us. It is hoped that complaints can be resolved at practice level. If you have raised your complaint at practice level and it has not been resolved, you may use this web page to log a formal complaint.

We take complaints very seriously and you can expect your concerns will be treated with dignity and respect. Once your complaint is logged, you will receive acknowledgement and a copy of our complaints procedure. You can expect your complaint will be managed within 10 working days, and, If we cannot resolve your complaint within this timeframe, we will keep you updated of our progress.

We look forward to hearing from you.