A Quick Look at the Basics of cFast Braces

August 8th, 2019

cFast Braces
cFast Brace

Although there are traditional metal braces to straighten teeth for a beautiful smile, modern technology is giving us more options. One recent innovation which has entered into the marketplace is an orthodontic system known as Cfast. 

Functionality and Advantages

The Cfast systems involve clear wires alongside brackets that match the colour of your teeth. These may also be mounted on the backs of your teeth. 

These braces apply slight pressure to the teeth and will need to be adjusted periodically. Not only is this system very comfortable, but requires shorter treatment time to get excellent results

You will need to wear a retainer afterward to guarantee that the teeth do not shift back to their original positions. If you wish to learn more about Cfast braces, schedule an appointment with your dentist. Learn more about this discreet — and very effective — way to get beautifully straight teeth. It’s for teens and adults alike!