The Incredible Aesthetic Benefits of the Invisalign System

July 22nd, 2019

Benefits of the Invisalign

Have you been struggling with crooked teeth for years? Are you conscious when smiling around others or do you have concerns in regards to your professional appearance? 

While these situations could have been solved by braces in the past, technology has come a long way in recent years. One of the most interesting revolutions in the world of orthodontics is known as the Invisalign system. Not only are you likely able to achieve the same effects as braces, but these appliances offer an aesthetic edge that is utterly unparalleled. 

How do these clear braces function and perhaps more importantly, what are some of their major advantages? 

Quietly and Discretely Transforming Smiles

Traditional braces are comprised of metal brackets and wires. While indeed effective when treating problems with your teeth, the fact of the matter is that they are also highly visible. This can be problematic if you happen to be a self-conscious individual. There are also times when braces might be less desirable (such as during professional business encounters). 

The good news is that the Invisalign system employs clear plastic aligners, doing away with a metallic appearance.

These aligners are moulded around the dimensions of your teeth in order to ensure a tight fit. Over time, the shape of these aligners will be progressively altered, slowly and discretely moving your teeth into the correct positions. 

In other words, you can achieve the same results as braces without having to worry about the visual impact. It is therefore clear to appreciate why so many individuals are opting for this alternative. Having said this, what other advantages can you expect to enjoy?

Comfort is Now King

One of the issues which many individuals grapple with when dealing with traditional braces is that they can be very uncomfortable. This is particularly the case if you happen to have sensitive teeth, gums and cheeks. The metal brackets and wires can cause abrasions and as a result, some are understandably hesitant to have braces installed.

These clear appliances are completely smooth to the touch, so such issues have been all but eliminated entirely. While you might still be a bit sore when wearing a new set of aligners, the fact of the matter is that this only represents a minimal disruption. 

Enjoy Your Favourite Foods

Braces will force you to avoid specific foods, especially those which are sticky and chewy. If particulate matter becomes trapped around the brackets or wires, it can be very difficult to remove. Thus, you will normally have to change your eating habits throughout the duration of the treatment.

Clear plastic aligners have eliminated this concern. In fact, they actually help to protect your teeth from substances that might otherwise cause harm to their surface enamel. 

You can even remove them when eating, so you’re not limited. 

Whether you wish to enjoy a tub of popcorn during a night at the cinema or you crave a chewy snack, these aligners offer an undeniably flexible edge. 

Quick and Easy Maintenance

Unlike braces which remain in place for months or even years at a time, you have the ability to remove these clear plastic aligners during each brushing and flossing session. It is therefore simple to maintain their cleanliness. Once you have finished with a session, simply slip them back over your teeth. You will therefore enjoy a much more clean and healthy mouth. This brings us to the next major point.

Fewer Chances of Developing Cavities

Due to the fact that these aligners can be removed with ease, the chances of developing other oral issues such as cavities and gum disease are dramatically reduced. This is not always the case with metallic braces. Of course, you will still be required to brush and floss on a regular basis. 

Ideal If You’re Self-Conscious 

It is once again important to stress the aesthetic edge that can be achieved with this system. You will no longer have to be concerned about smiling in public, going out on a date or meeting a potential business client. Your teeth will maintain a seamless appearance and perhaps most importantly, you can smile with pride. This is actually one of the main reasons why so many have chosen this system over metallic braces; the aligners are nearly invisible so they’re not easily noticed.

Too Good to be True? Are There any Potential Drawbacks?

It is only logical to take a look at the bigger picture so that you will be able to make an informed decision when the time is right. So, are there any potential drawbacks associated with the Invisalign system? 

First and foremost, these clear aligners may not be capable of addressing more complicated problems such as a pronounced overbite. In these rare cases, traditional braces could still be warranted. Finally, this system can be relatively more costly, although most providers are happy to work out a payment plan.

We have now taken a look at why so many individuals from all walks of life are opting for these clear braces. Would you like to learn more about what they have to offer? Do you wish to speak with a professional? If so, please contact Westmount Dental Surgery. A representative will be quite happy to address your questions.