Our Treatment Coordinator


What is a Treatment Co-ordinator?

As a treatment co ordinator my job is to listen what our patients want from their dental treatment and guide them on how Westmount can help create the smile that they’ve always wanted. I try to provide our patients with any information they may need regarding the work we do, we discuss prices and timelines, as well as going through any other questions they might have.

Your Consultation

However long the patient wants it to be! We start the consultation with a short tour of the practice which is a good way for patients to see the kind of environment we work in. We always get compliments on how nice the practice is, especially on our Laura Ashley floral wallpaper!! The next step is to offer our patients a drink and then we start discussions in our consult room. We’ve had consults that can be as short as fifteen minutes to some that last for an hour. It really depends on what the patients wants to know.

How have you improved your skills to make you a better Treatment Co-ordinator?

I’ve developed my skills in this role by doing lots of research and taking advantage of the expertise we have here at Westmount. I’ve made myself very familiar with all the range of cosmetic treatments we offer and also undergone training for the TCO role with Laura Horton. I have to say a special thanks to our senior nurse Lucy for helping me improve in my role! Lucy is experienced in all of our cosmetic and implant work so any questions I am unsure of, Lucy will always have the answer. Every patient is different so you’re always learning and improving on the job which helps me become better in my role.

Why should patients come to see you?

I think patients would benefit in coming to see me because I’ll be able to not only answer any questions they have, big or small, but also can provide them with all the information they may need so they can make a decision of what to do. If you’re thinking of any dental treatments, I really should be your first point of call!

What’s the best bit of your job?

I love the relationships we develop with our patients. Our patients become friends of Westmount and we love the random conversations we have with them every time they come in! It’s nice to see patients develop over the course of their treatment and for them to gain confidence because of the work we have done – an amazing feeling!

What do you most enjoy about working at Westmount?

Westmount is different to any other practice I’ve seen or been to. From the moment you walk into our practice, you instantly feel at ease with our boutique environment and that differentiation for me is really exciting. We’re not your typical dental surgery at all – our dentists are fun and professional and have a great bond with our patients. Westmount is a great place to be because of the range of treatment we offers from general dentistry to complex all on 4 cases. It’s a great feeling to be able to offer our patients such a range of treatment choices.