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All That You Need to Know About Dental Bridges

A dental bridge will help to restore your natural smile while allowing you to enjoy all of the foods that you have grown to love. If you have multiple missing teeth, talk to your dentist about a bridge.  In fact, it is critical to replace those missing teeth — as they will cause your remaining […]

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Dental Bridges
The Incredible Aesthetic Benefits of the Invisalign System

Have you been struggling with crooked teeth for years? Are you conscious when smiling around others or do you have concerns in regards to your professional appearance?  While these situations could have been solved by braces in the past, technology has come a long way in recent years. One of the most interesting revolutions in […]

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Benefits of the Invisalign
Is It Time to Try Botox?

Botox is used by people around the world to get a younger look, as Botox smooths facial lines and wrinkles. Botox (Botulinum toxin type A) is a toxin, but is used in minimal quantities in this nonsurgical treatment. Botox works by preventing signals from the nerve cells reaching muscles, therefore paralyzing them. This allows the […]

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is time to try botox
Six Month Smiles: Fixing Front Teeth Quickly

If your front teeth are a problem, talk to your dentist about Six Month Smiles. This is a type of braces designed to correct the appearance of the front teeth — those that show when you smile. As the name implies, patients generally see the results within about six months.  If you have these problems, […]

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fixing front teeth quick
Should I Get Dental Implants?

Are you missing one or more teeth? Or you may have a slight tooth gap. Perhaps your dentures have become too uncomfortable to chew your favourite foods. Or you need a bridge. You will be happy to learn that dental implants are a popular solution.  Dental implants are replacement teeth that look and function just […]

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should I get dental implants
Bye bye Kirsty (come back soon!)

Wishing our super-nurse Kirsty all the best as she leaves us for maternity. You will be missed but we hope you have the most amazing time! All the best Kirsty! (Yes, dental floss was used to tie the balloons)  

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Supporting Hearing Dogs UK

Westmount Dental Surgery is now collecting stamps and foreign coins in aid of Hearing Dogs UK. This was at the request of one of our lovely patients from our Jarrow practice. If you have any used stamps or unwanted foreign coins, please help us by dropping them into our Sunderland and Jarrow practices. For more […]

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Supporting our local food banks this Christmas!

Thank you to all of our generous patients! For the past four weeks, Westmount Dental Surgery has been collecting food and gift items for their local food banks (Sunderland Elim Food Bank and Hebbern Helps).  The mission was to try and drop off a trolley full of goodies each week. Today marked the last trolley drop-off day and we […]

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